We build the world’s most desirable brand.

Mercedes-Benz is not what you’d call a middle-of-the-road brand. Frankly, it’s the opposite: The one and only inventor. The over and over creator. The ever and ever crafter of automotive luxury. At team x we’re all about inventing, creating, crafting, too. Because we’re dedicated to Mercedes-Benz. And this brand deserves the best or nothing. We invent new formulas. New formats. New technology. New ways to tell stories and talk to people around the globe. We embrace this pioneer spirit that would make Gottlieb Daimler go “Spitze”.

We create an atmosphere of togetherness across all nations, genders and ethnicities. And come together as one strong motor where talents from various fields collaborate and everyone plays a unique and powerful part. In an environment that is fully committed to the sustainability approach of Mercedes-Benz. We craft to perfection. Create luxury one moment at a time. Capture demands 365 days a year. And thus turn Mercedes-Benz into the pinnacle of today’s luxury: Playful, iconic, timeless forever.

This is how we build the world’s most desirable brand. With a global network, second to none. Full of automotive expertise and a truly unbreakable dedication to luxury. This is what team × is all about. Team stands for Team. × for the ×-Traordinary. And for Collaboration. Because we’re not an agency. We’re a business partner. So let’s do like our partner Mercedes-Benz does:

Invent, create, craft.